Mind, Body, Spirit Healing-The Process

Heal(ing) has a definitive definition for most people. When we use the word healing it implies there is something wrong. I believe healing is much more. The soul’s sole purpose for being here is for emotional and spiritual growth–a.k.a. transformation. Healing is evolving and optimizing into our health and into who we really are. I believe that Mind, Body, Spirit healing is restructuring our energy that has become distorted, misaligned or suppressed. My definition of healing is evolution beyond just losing some ability and regaining it.

What are we really asking for when we ask for Mind, Body, Spirit Healing?

When we truly ask for Mind, Body, Spirit healing we are asking about the ’cause,’ of our pain not the symptoms we are experiencing. When I work with someone, I am not treating, I am not giving therapy, I am only conscious of symptoms because the symptoms are clues to what needs to be transformed. Using the unconscious mind the person is guided to create their unique transformation process to ultimately eliminate (heal) the cause of the symptoms.

Do our beliefs create our illnesses?

Without blaming, shaming or finding fault, our beliefs definitely form our limitations and on many levels our beliefs can inhibit us from evolving beyond something or creates a way to cope. What we tell (self-talk) ourselves has an impact on our physiology. For example: Depression (symptom) is Anger turned against the self. What we need to find is what the Anger is about and resolve or transcend the anger.

Generally, people continue to do or think whatever they do or think until they have reached a point of pain they no longer want to endure, thus they focus on ‘getting rid’ of the pain. Western medicine and pharmaceutical research understands this phenomenon well– together they have diligently focused on the pain and provided magic pills to ease it. Thus, many people are addicted to a ‘quick fix,’ albeit has many adverse side effects.

Transformation (healing) comes when we know what thoughts/beliefs create the pain–i.e. an insight into the cause and effect. Once the insight is made, we then need to change the thoughts, behaviors and habits to complete the transformation.

What is the most important thing people need to know about Mind, Body, Spirit healing?

Once someone has experienced the Mind, Body Spirit transformational process, it no longer matters what your prior experience has been, except to lead you to what you need to transform or transcend. Within the first session people are amazed at their transformation. Generally people need more than one session to complete a thorough transformatio

Ways You Can Make Money As A Psychic: Mind Body Spirit Expos

Here is the third installment in this series of articles where I’m revealing the low down and dirty on the different business models open to you as a career psychic.

Mind body spirit Expos

These are usually large events running from 1 – 3 days. Exhibitors hire stand space where they promote their products and services, and there are usually talks and workshops throughout the event.

The Event organisers promote the event and get visitors in the door. You hire a stand, set up and promote to the visitors at your stand.

Average earnings, £1000 – £20,000 (or even more) over the long term.


A good expo will have a very high profile and get lots of visitors into the hall.

Because the visitors are your target market, and usually come wanting to buy something, all you need to do is to influence them to buy from you.

With a good marketing strategy and follow up process in place you can reap a return on your investment.

The contacts you make at the event

Great at raising the profile of your brand

If you already know your product sells, and how to sell it, there is massive opportunity for long and short success of your whole business.


The investment is high, and can run into the thousands. Stand space is costly, and you will also need to factor in the stand itself, which can also be very costly.

In addition to the cost of the stand, the cost of your marketing materials for the event also need to be factored in.

It’s a higher risk strategy as there is no guarantee that you will make any sales during or following the event.

You need a good marketing and sales strategy in place to make the most of the event. Don’t assume that because there will be lots of visitors that it guarantees that people will buy from you.

The logistics of getting your stand, banners and materials on site can be challenging.

You need to be expert at sales and marketing to make this pay off. Without this in place first you could be throwing your money away.

It is very hard work. The days are long, you are often standing for hours and you need assistants or you won’t be able to take a break.

Things to check.

Make sure the Expo is a reputable one that attracts high visitor numbers and that the visitors are your target market. Ask about visitor numbers to previous events.

Also consider contacting previous exhibitors to find out how well they did at the event in previous years.

Check the position of your stand before you purchase the space. Make sure that you are positioned well to get the maximum number of visitors to your stand. You don’t want to arrive and find your stand space is in a store room down a corridor behind the toilet block.

Also test your marketing materials before the Expo. Given the high cost of exhibiting it’s not the place to test. Make sure you know your materials work and you have a follow up process and the sales skills to back it up or you could have a very expensive and disappointing weekend.

Some Expos offer speaking slots only to exhibitors so make sure you ask for one. This raises your profile significantly at the event.

Avoid trying to make sales at the event. Instead focus on gathering the details of your ideal prospects and follow up with them later and cultivate a long term relationship with them.